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We Help You Grow Your Business Using a Digital Marketing Formula that Works

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Focused to help your business achieve results through an effective digital marketing strategy

Brand Labs is a digital marketing agency that focus on a “three-pillar” strategy; Brand Story, Lead generation (Including Email, PPC, Website management and UX) and Social Media Management. This “three-pillar” formula is scalable and adaptable for any small to medium sized company who don’t have a marketing department or do not have capacity in their current marketing setup.

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Our Story


Brand Labs is founded by David Botha, a digital marketing specialist who is passionate about helping small to medium size companies grow through the three- pillar marketing approach.

A Passion to Grow SMB’s through effective Marketing

David Botha says: “Marketing is not a sprint, it’s a journey of storytelling. Customers do much more research online before they decide on the product and service they want. A customer has to be nurtured from the “I don’t know what I want” stage to a paying client and then an advocate for your brand.”

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Our Slogan: “Digital Marketing Formula for Success”

A large focus for Brand Labs is to deliver high impact content for clients to connect with their target audiences and show a return on investment. This digital marketing model allows clients to focus on their business and not have to worry about hiring an expensive in-house marketing resource. It helps companies that cannot afford the high costs of hiring a marketing department. “Think about it, it’s like having your own marketing department without having the stress of managing staff and eliminates high resource costs” David added

We put your brand in front of the right people

Creative, innovative and optimized content, coupled with amplification best practices, is an effective combination that helps your business easily attract, engage, and convert clients. Brand Lab’s digital marketing services put the brand in front of prospects and convince them to take a desired action by catering to their needs and solving pain points.
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Companies that have a clear marketing plan have shown an increase of revenue between 40 and 400%