8 Digital Marketing Tactics to try in 2020

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David Botha

David Botha is the founder and MD of Brand Labs Marketing Agency

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Table of Contents

World of digital marketing is rapidly evolving

The world of digital marketing keeps us adapting and evolving, correct?  Think about it, back in the day, would we even imagine that AI technology would be incorporated into our marketing strategy – like chat bots?

SEO was always the key driver and something we focused most of our efforts on. It’s still very important but these days, we have to think of new methods to stay ahead of the competitors.

Technology may be intimidating but its something we cannot ignore.

Here are a few digital marketing tactics to try out in 2020 and beyond.

1. Social shopoable posts

People want a quick and easy online shopping experience these days. Your potential customers are already browsing on Instagram, why not sell to them directly on the platform

Loyal followers trust you and trust Instagram. Give them a shopping experience directly on their favourite platform and see your abandon carts decrease. They also don’t have to leave to go to an external site which speeds up the process.

Requirements to be able to create shopable posts:

  1. Instagram business account
  2.  Available in your country of business
  3. Instagram account must be approved
  4. Connect Facebook business extension first
  5. You must have a published website with at least one active product


2. Quizes and interactive content

Quizzes are a great way to get your audience interested and provide value.

You can create fun quizzes that connect with your audience, personality quizzes and “Which Hollywood star best represents you as a person” type quizzes are a good way to provide value and increase your database.

Most of the time, you will find people sharing their results which increases your viral value.

Quiz Example


3. Influencer Marketing

The new digital marketing buzz word – influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is typically a social media method where experts of a certain topic make mention of brands and give their views. They have real followers who rely on information they share.

When done right, this can be highly beneficial for your brand as you will gain credibility from an experts endorsement.

You can do this by finding influencers on various platforms, one we like to use is Shoutcart but is only available for certain countries. There are marketing agencies who specialise in this type of service as well.


4. Omnichannel marketing

This is different to your normal funnel type marketing where you nurture a new prospect through the sales funnel to eventually take action and buy your product or service.

If you want to increase your engagement, then Omnichannel marketing is the recipe to achieve great results.

Omnichannel marketing is when you advertise your brand on a consistent basis and cohesively across multiple digital platforms, like social media, email, website.  In doing this, you’re connecting with your potential clients through personal communication, great User experience, and brand awareness that allows for an increase in engagement.

Arteficial intelligence (AI) can contribute immensely to your omnichannel marketing success through tests and data intelligence on a buyer’s journey.  The more you know about your buyers, the easier and better you can sell to them in the places they visit most with special personalised messages. 

Your potential buyers can enter the channel at any stage and you need to present them content according to where they enter. Someone could be at the buying phase and have more intent, they know what they want and are ready to buy, your messaging needs to connect with them at that moment. 

5. Augmented reality

Ecommerce is fast becoming the preferred way to shop

What if your customer needs to try on a pair of sunglasses, or an item of clothing before they purchase? Thats where AR comes into play. Imagine you could give your online shoppers a realistic shopping experience, and by doing so increase your sales. 

Augmented reality allows you to let your customer see what they look like with that pair of sunglasses or if you are selling a house, give them a virtual tour so they get a true representation of what you are selling. Its real and you can offer these services today to increase your credibility and sales.

6. User-generated content

Your most effective brand ambassadors are your trusted and loyal clients.

If you ask them to do something they will most likely oblige if a little incentive is attached.

Ask your customers to share a coupon code, or if you want to make it more fun and interesting, you can ask them to share their purchase and give them a product for free, like a 1:1 deal.

Another fantastic way is to incorporate social responsibility, you can offer to donate something to a charity if they buy and share.

A quick and easy win, is to use Video peel to get customer testimonials easy. Easily request and collect customer videos with a shareable link through any communication channel – no download or login needed. This allows you to get real video testimonials from your clients that you can share on social media, youtube and splash out on your website.

Remember, customers trust other customers.

7. Social media messaging

Connect with your audience at the right moment on their beloved social apps. This is very effective as you can personalise your message to the right people at the right time.

The most effective way to connect with your audience on messaging systems is through a Chatbot on your website. You can ask a question in the bottom right of your website through your Bot and ask to continue the chat on messenger.

Other ways to connect on social chat messaging:

  • When someone abandons cart, you can automatically remind them on a messenger system
  • Bot on your website, there are so many ways to setup your bot. Have a good picture of what you need to achieve and align your bot properly with Facebook messenger
  • Combine your messenger bot with Facebook live comments

Check out this article from Social Examiner to get tips on how to get the most from Facebook messenger.

8. Continue with tried and tested digital marketing tactics

These all time favourites are never going to disappear.

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword research for everything you do
  • Social Media
  • Long form Blog posts
  • Funnel marketing

Try and incorporate the new digital marketing tactics you just read about with the old trusted techniques. This will give you enough to do through 2002.

In summary

Digital marketing tactics need to be implemented and tested. Some industries may have better results from using older methods but it’s worth giving new methods a bash.

Run a cohesive campaign with all the components mentioned in this article and see which is giving you the best return for your efforts and money.

I would still carry on with the tried and tested lead generation strategies using funnel marketing as your tactic, but its definitely worth keeping up with technology and creating campaigns around these methods.

Good luck with your marketing strategy!!

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