Social Media Content Planner for 2020 + [FREE TEMPLATE]

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David Botha

David Botha is the founder and MD of Brand Labs Marketing Agency

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Table of Contents

What is a social media content planner?

A social media content planner is a document to plan and schedule your social media content in advance. 

It’s an extremely important doc to have in your marketing artillery as it keeps you focused and prepared and allows you to stay on top of important global events and days related to your industry.

Example: Jane is a social media manager at a solar power company. She gets to work and is welcomed by her boss sitting in the office angry at Jane for not posting anything about #greenDay on their Social media pages.

Solution: This would have never happened if Jane used a social media planner and scheduler to do her posts in advance.

Common formats for social media content planners:

  1. Excel spreadsheet
  2. Google Sheet (Most common as it can be easily shared with team members or stakeholders)
  3. MS Word
  4. Google Doc

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Why you need a social content calendar?

Plan your importnat dates

Schedule important posts according to industry related days, events, holidays, national holidays etc.

You can easily identify when the major days are in the annual calendar and plan your posts around those important dates. This gives you more content to post and keeps your readers abreast as to what is happening around the world and how your brand associates to these events or days.

Social media content planner is a time saver

It can be overwhelming and time consuming when you sit down and map out what you want to post for the day. By having a social media content planner, you can plan ahead, insert into your calendar and use a scheduling tool to schedule your posts in advance. 

Set aside a few hours a day until you have populated content into your calendar for the month, quarter or year. This allows you to focus on other important tasks like finding new clients and running your business

Post the right mix of content

It’s important that you give your audience a mix of content that will keep them coming back and wanting more.

How do you keep your audience wanting more?

People browse on social media platforms to escape. If you posting content with the intention to sell all the time, this becomes boring and monotonous and you will eventually lose that person.

A good rule of thumb, is to have the 70/20/10 rule.

70% Value content = how to’s, free resources, guides, quotes, case studies etc. Anything that will add value to someones life

20% Reposting interesting articles that will add value = Find a great article and publish on social media. This wont drive traffic to your website, but you will-get more credibility having done the research of content that will inspire people

10% Sales intent content – Mixing in a sales message is important, as it gives your followers an indication of a solution that will satisfy their pain points. This should only be once a week, or 10% of your posts.

Easily able to share with team members and stakeholders

By having your social media calendar on your google drive, you can easily share with your team members and collaborate efficiently.

Google sheets is a great way for staff members to go on, add notes and to make changes. If you are working in a digital marketing agency then you can share the doc with a client and get feedback

Social media content calendar can help you assign tasks to the right people

Posting on social media is often not a simple process, as you need artwork, thought leadership information, target audiences etc.

When you preplan your content, it gives the employees or staff enough time to deliver what you need for each post.

Often, posts lead to a blog post on your website, if you have identified a call to action to link to a blog post, you can brief your content writer and plan ahead.

Make sure that any content you plan is contributing towards your goals in your Digital Marketing Plan

FREE social media content planner and how to use it

We have provided a social media content calendar below to save you time and post the right content.

What is included?

  1. Google sheet with everything you need to prepare your content
  2. Example tab with instructions
  3. Research Tab of resources to help you get the best information. This includes trending posts, hastags, competotors etc.
  4. Tab for each month till feb 2021


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